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The Joshua Show, Set Design 

     This is a concept sketch for ‘The Joshua Show’ - a one man touring children’s puppet variety show.

     My task was to re-design the show’s existing set - and make it collapsable enough to fit into a car or airplane luggage! 

I noticed that the writer/performer, Joshua, used so many quirky props and puppets throughout the show, but they were mostly hidden backstage, or under black tablecloths. I wanted to showcase those items and use them to make a mini-proscenium to frame Joshua - creating a tableau of the world of his imagination. The shelves were also a practical choice - very collapsable for travel and creating more storage on stage. 

      The gold proscenium frame would have been made up of motifs which appear throughout the show - bow ties, kazoos, and buttons painted gold like a baroque frame - honoring the show’s theme of finding joy and imagination in everyday life. 

Unfortunately the set ended up not being produced, but this was a fun exploration of the world of The Joshua Show. 

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